Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ending point comments

Well, this program was fantastic. It made me stretch in a way I wasn't entirely sure I could. It also reminded me that we each have to make decisions about and manage our own growth and education, including professional education. For me that meant that while there wasn't time at work to do this, except for Week 9 activities, it was great that I could do it from home and finish. It was a marvelous and fun program. Adding the prizes, making it voluntary and having the occasional emails to spur us on was helpful. I really don't have suggestions for improving it without totally swamping Jim and Ellen even more. It must have been quite a challenge to keep up with the monitoring. This 'model' for learning is something we should keep in mind for the future. It was gratifying to hear staff say how much they enjoyed doing this in their office where they could ask for help and get it. Several staff came in on their days off to do this, FT and PT. It doesn't get any better than that.

I will need a little more time to think about how we can apply some of the 'things' to work. I have to admit I was doing this exercise FIRST for myself, secondly for work application ideas. I'm sure I'll have some ideas after I finish basking in the glow of my success. Isn't it all about me???


Hey, my avatar left. She was there in her yoga pose a minute ago.....

Yeah! Thank you to Jim D.

Jim D. dropped into my office just as I was lamenting not being able to post my avatar on my blog. Anybody who knows Jim knows my dilemma didn't last long. done!!

That inspired me to try once again to post a video on the blog. Success!

Week 9 Thingy 20

YouTube- I was familiar with YouTube and still find it cool to pull up the two videos that 'outsiders' posted about the Towson Library. takes you to both of them.

Week 8 Thingy 19

I took a look at which selects 'best' site on topics and you can select topics. I selected Agnostic and Atheists as a topic and it lead me to some sites where I found some reasonable and some unreasonable stuff. Here's a funny find:

I'm not sure it's better than Google, at this point. It's a little clunkier. I like the idea of having a place to go to to look at award winning 2.0 concepts.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Week 8 Thing 18

I just heard that we need to list each Thing to make it easier for overseers to credit us. Sorry I haven't been doing this.

Thing 18- Access to these online productivity programs is super. Would anybody be too upset if Microsoft took a little hit? I created a short doc. and did try to post it to my blog using the "publish' option in Zoho but it didn't work. Knowing that this is out there is cool. My issi lives in California and the next time we have a draft a letter together for our folks, Zoho is it!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week 7 Wikis

Advice from one source that wikis are best used by groups who know each other was good. In my sort experience with wikis tonight I fell upon an error in one-- it referred to UPENN and then the link for more info. went on to talk about Penn State University. Two different institutions.

I spent a little time tossing some sand around and added an entry to Maryland's 2.0 Sandbox wiki.